According to the data of iResearch in the end of 2010, PPS.TV has over 210 thousand sets of channel programs and over 280 million subscribers. It daily covers over 25.12 million people and more than 100 million users per month. The market share of PPS reaches 55.30% and the monthly effective using time has been over 711 million hours. (PPStream) has become one of the largest network televisions in the world and the most influential new media in China.

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Living Broadcast History

  • 2009 National Day military parade 2009 National Day military paradelive
  • 2009 Spring Festival 
Gala Evening2009 Spring Festival
    Gala Evening
  • 2008 Beijing 
Olympic games2008 Beijing
    Olympic games
  • the launch of 
Shenzhou-7the launch of
  • World Cup 2006 World Cup 2006live


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